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Lupine Jpg


Help wanted: sturdy individual / interested in grassroots work / at a number of rugged locations …

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white and black owl

Owl Pellets

Owl pellets are about the unlikeliest subject for a love poem—maybe that’s why this poem has always been one of my personal favorites.

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Snow Angel

This is a poem about a snow angel, but in another way it could also be a poem about poetry itself.

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macro shot photography of flower field


On the first warm morning / she’s kneeling in the dirt, / smiling and humming / like she does making bread.

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Baby girl

New Baby

Soon as the baby gets born / before she’s two hours old / people start dividing her up …

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Old cemetery

The Family Plot

A visit to the family cemetery is the subject of this poem. There are three generations. What makes this poem work, I think, is the different ways they each view it.  

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